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Secretos de la lucha
Secrets of the Struggle

Maiana Bidegain

France, Documentary, 2007
87 min, DVCam, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

501 Screening Room
Sunday, April 20, 3 PM
Mature audiences

Family portrait

The journey of a young woman, who travels to Uruguay in search of what really happened to her family during the darkest years of the Uruguayan dictatorship. Through her father’s eyes and her seven aunts and uncles’ confessions, she tries to understand why they kept their memories silent for so long. From the French Bask country to South America, she follows their steps and explores their individual struggles, whether these were through union or legal political actions, or through clandestine activities within an urban guerrilla organisation called the Tupamaros. A silence that has left so many wounds yet to be healed.

Maiana Bidegain received her Master of Arts in media arts production, with a major in film and video production, at the University of Technology in Sydney. Secretos de Lucha is her first feature. She received a scholarship from the Fondation de France and Aquitaine’s regional council to develop the project.

Producer: Jean Francois Hautin
Production Company: SMAC
Cinematographer: Jean Francois Hautin, David Manefield
Editor: Maiana Bidegain
Music by: Claire Deak, Angus O'Sullivan
Cast: Andrea Martinez, Natalie Klang, Milena Delgado, Cynthia Patinio, Santiago Delucca, Bruno, Pablo Robles, Marcel Sawshick

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