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Nevie Owens
USA, Documentary, 2007
52 mins, MiniDV, Color
English and Spanish with English subtitles

Regal Metropolitan 11
Sunday, April 20, 2 PM
All audiences

White woman and Mexican boy through windows

In the name of national security, the historic Mexican border-crossings of Boquillas, Santa Elena, and Paso Lajitas were closed, devastating the communal bonds that had existed on both sides of the Rio Grande for generations.  These aggressive policies contrast sharply with those implemented to secure the United States’ northern border.  Would this be the case if Canada were our neighbor to the south?

Producer and director Nevie Owens was born in McAllen, Texas.  She did not fully realize the unique mix of cultures on the border until she moved to Austin where the cultural divide is clear and ever-present.  After graduating from the University of Denver, Nevie returned to Austin, Texas, to take advantage of the burgeoning film industry.  In 1999, she formed a partnership with fellow filmmaker Buckner Cooke as Red Frame Productions, a full-service digital video production company.  For the last 4 years, Nevie has assisted Richard Linklater’s editor Sandra Adair on many projects including Rolling Kansas and Academy Award-nominated Before Sunset.  Mexiphobia is Nevie’s directorial debut.

Producers: Nevie Owns, Buckner Cooke
Production Company: Red Frame Productions
Cinematographer: Buckner Cooke
Editor: Nevie Owens
Music by: Landis Armstrong, Michael Crow
Cast: Roy Ruth (narrator)

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