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Jefe de jefes:  Los Tigres del Norte
Roberto Bolado, David Palma
Mexico, Documentary, 2007
52 min, Beta SP, Color
Spanish with English Subtitles

501 Screening Room
Saturday , April 19, 12 PM
All audiences

TIgres del Norte

Los Tigres del Norte are much more than a band.  The Hernández brothers, the “bosses of the bosses” are, in fact, an icon of Mexico’s cultural wealth, in addition to being a musical and sociological phenomenon that has been the subject of several studies in American universities.  Los Incansables (The “Untireables”), as they are also known, have produced no less than 45 albums, 6 DVDs, and 20 movies.  Jefe de jefes is an intimate documentary that approaches the origins and evolution of the band, as well as the symbolic and cultural codes that the Tigres del Norte have created. 


Producer: José Alberto Castro
Production Company: Once TV
Screenwriter: Roberto Bolado, David Palma
Editor: Roberto Bolado, David Palma
Music by:

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