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Iluminados | Enlightened
Cristina Leal

Brazil, Documentary, 2007
100 min, HD, Color
Portuguese with English subtitles

Regal Metropolitan 11
Sunday, April 20 ,6 PM
All audiences

Man interviewing woman

Ilimunados is a portrait of some of Brazil’s greatest cinematographers: Dib Lutfi, Edgar Moura, Fernando Duarte, Mario Carneiro, Pedro Farkas and Walter Carvalho.
Cristina Leal’s documentary examines their work and place in the history of world cinema, both through their own words, and through those of their friends and colleagues.  It also offers them a playful challenge – to film the same scene, each to their own taste, using the various creative tools at their disposal.  The results are, appropriately, highly illuminating.

Born in 1950 in Belo Horizonte, Cristina Leal rose to prominence after the production of her script for The Main Cause of Divorce (1986), aired on TV Globo.  She later wrote, produced and directed Aurora Station (1992) and Carnival in Rio: A Poet's Good Excuse (1998). This is her first feature film.

Producer: Cristina Leal
Production Company: Comtexto Produções
Screenwriters: Cristina Leal, Reinaldo Pinheiro
Cinematographer: Antonio Luiz Mendes
Editors: Marcelo Moraes, Luiz Guimarães de Castro
Music by: Marcos Souza
Cast: Angela Rebello, Roberto Bomtempo

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