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Después de la neblina
When Clouds Clear

Anne Slick, Danielle Bernstein

Ecuador/USA, Documentary, 2007
77 min, 35 mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

501 Screening Room
Saturday, April 19, 3 PM
All audiences

Men and boys

Después de la neblina is a gripping documentary about a small town in northern Ecuador that lives in resistance to copper mining.  Despite violent human rights violations, the town of Junín has managed to preserve its water and forest from the destruction of mining companies that seek to establish themselves there.  The town’s residents are often forced to take extreme action in order to defend their community from foreign instrusion.  Narrated by the town founders, their children and grandchildren, Después de la neblina presents a story about human survival, and the struggle to overcome the violence and discord between family and friends engendered by the controversy over copper mining.  The principal narrator, Robinson Piedra, is a 14 year-old boy who remains youthfully optimistic that the fractured relationships between the community’s members will be repaired.

Anne Slick was born and raised in Atlanta and began her filmmaking career while in college at NYU.  She has directed and produced a range of experimental documentary shorts.

Danielle Bernstein's award-winning skills as photographer and filmmaker have covered a variety of topics.  Her short film Almahrosa documents the disappearance of a fishing community.

Producer: Anne Slick
Production Companies: Clear Films, NetHead Films, El Otro Lado Films
Cinematographer: Danielle Bernstein
Editor: Iván Mora Manzano
Music by: Juan Carlos Gonzalez

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