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Ernesto Livon-Grosma
Argentina, Documentary, 2006           
60 min, MiniDV, Color and Black and White           
Spanish with English subtitles

501 Screening Room
Sunday, April 20, 12 PM
All audiences

Horse and Cart

Cartoneros documents the work of the thousands of unemployed who come daily into the city of Buenos Aires in order to sort the garbage that residents leave on their doorsteps every evening.  The documentary, which took two years to film, shows the process of classifying and selling the trash collected by cartoneros that work independently as well as by those who have created co-ops in order to protect themselves from abusive middle management.  The film follows the trash from the neighborhood sidewalk all the way to the paper mill.            

Ernesto Livon-Grosman was born in Argentina.  He resides in the United States, where he teaches film and literature at Boston College. He is currently working on a series of short documentaries about South American visual poetry.  Cartoneros is his first film.           

Producers: Angélica Allende Brisk, Ernesto Livon-Grosman                       
Production Company: Documentary Educational Resources
Screenwriter: Ernesto Livon-Grosman           
Cinematographer: Eugenio Marzorati           
Editor: Angélica Allende Brisk           
Music by: Fernando Kabusacki           
Cast: Cristina Banegas  (Narrator)

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