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Septiembres | Septembers
Carles Bosch

Spain, Documentary, 2007         
120 min, 35mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

Paramount Theater
Wednesday, April 16, 8 PM
All audiences

Man and woman kissing through bars

For the incarcerated participants of the 2005 Festival of Song, singing love songs is not merely entertainment.  It is also a poignant reminder of the people they left behind.  What begins as a visit to a friend in a Madrid-area penitentiary soon becomes the inspiration for this documentary, when director Bosch stumbles across a karaoke competition.  The competitors are from as far afield as Argentina and Lithuania, and each has chosen a love song, singing for family, friends and lovers as though his heart is far outside the prison walls.  The winner moves on to a larger, system-wide contest, where many others are waiting to compete, including Gordoquia, a former rock star.  Following these remarkable stories over the course of a year, Septiembres journeys both within and outside the prison, traveling from Buenos Aires to Lithuania, and Bolivia to Barcelona in order to track down the people for whom the prisoners sing.  “What is love?  Can a documentary be made about love?”  asks Bosch.  This beguiling film proves that the answer is an unequivocal yes.

Carles Bosch directed the Oscar-nominated Balseros, which screened at the Sundance, Miami International and Havana film festivals, among others, and won a number of international awards, including an Emmy and a Peabody.  His work as a veteran reporter for Thirty Minutes (TV3, Spain) has taken him to the frontlines of major world events, including the first Gulf war, the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, and the Zapatista revolution.

Producers: Carles Bosch, Tono Folguera, Loris Omedes.
Production Company: Bausan Films, S. L.
Screenwriter: Carles Bosch
Cinematographers: Walter Ojeda, David Fernández
Editors: Ernest Blasi, Ana Rubio
Cast: José Antonio Gardoqui, Jurig Klimenko, Estefanía Maestre

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