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O cheiro do ralo | Drained
Heitor Dahlia

Brazil, Black Comedy, 2006           
105 min, 35mm, Color           
Portuguese with English subtitles

Regal Metropolitan 14
Wednesday, April 23, 6 PM
Mature audiences

Man and woman in kitchen

To the desperate customers of his São Paulo pawn shop, Lourenço provides an opportunity for a mutually beneficial transaction.  But to Lourenço, the world is a place in which people, like unwanted objects, are all for sale. The human catalogue that passes through his shop merely provides fodder for his perverse power games: "the bride", "the gramophone man," or "the addict.”  However, strange circumstances and some dubious plumbing lead Lourenço to unexpectedly confront the very characters he believed to be his pawns.  He is soon forced to make use of a currency that he has put aside for a long time: affection.

Heitor Dahlia was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1970, and was raised in Recife.  In 1997, he directed Conceição, a short film that was shown at a number of film festivals.  He worked as assistant director on A Glass of Rage, and wrote The Three Marias.  He directed his first feature, Nina, in 2004.  It won awards in festivals in Rotterdam, Moscow and New York.  Drained is his second feature film.           

Producers: Marcelo Doria, Joana Mariani, Rodrigo Teixeira           
Production Companies: Geração Conteúdo, Primo Filmes, RT Features           
Screenwriter: Heitor Dhalia           
Cinematographer: José Roberto Eliezer           
Editor: Pedro Becker           
Music by: Apollo 
Cast: Selton Mello, Paula Braun, Lourenço Mutarelli, Fabiana Gugli, Sílvia Lourenço, Mario Shoemberger, Martha Meola, Flávio Bauraqui, Suzana Alves

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