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De pura cepa | From the Roots
Javier Colón

Javier Colón
Puerto Rico/USA, Comedy, 2007           
25 min, DVCAM/16mm, Color           

Regal Metropolitan 10
Sunday, April 20, 6 PM
All audiences

blind folded man

After 60 years in the US, Puerto Rican-born Sam finds himself working in a small cubicle in Fostoria, Ohio.  During an ordinary day at work, Sam discovers that he is the lucky winner of an all-expense paid trip to his homeland, and leaves immediately.  But when Sam arrives, he’s kidnapped, blindfolded, and led to a secret hideaway.  There he meets a group of young Puerto Ricans who set out to remind him that his past has more to do with his present than he could ever have imagined.                       

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