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Noel poeta da vila | Noel, the Samba Poet
Ricardo van Steen

Brazil, Docu-Drama, 2006
99 min, 35mm, Color
Portuguese with English subtitles

Regal Metropolitan 10
Saturday, April 19, 4 PM
Mature audiences

Boy eating meal

At 17, Noel Rosa was a funny guy with a twisted chin who liked improvising sarcastic poems for his friends.  He studied medicine and played in a local band with other boys from his neighborhood.  He befriends Ismael Silva, a composer, who opens up the world of samba and the underworld to him.  Challenged by his new friends to compose sambas, Noel writes “Com que roupa?” using a parody of the Brazilian national anthem as its base.  It is a magnificent success.  From that point on, Noel flies through the golden age of radio like a comet, changing the direction of Brazilian popular music.  Between declarations of love and samba duels, the irreverent “Samba Philosopher” sidesteps his professors, family, and even the police to live an intense life buoyed by monumental quantities of cigarettes and alcohol – until illness complicates his life.

Ricardo van Steen was born in São Paulo and is forty-eight years old.  He initially studied fine arts, later moving into visual communications and cinema.  His first real contact with film occurred between 1967 and 1969 when he was 9 years old and his mother Edla was the Director of the São Paulo Cinemateca.  During this period, Ricardo watched almost a hundred films over and over again, every day of the week.

Producer: Ricardo Van Steen
Production Companies: Movi&Art, Zohar Cinema
Screenwriter: Pedro Vicente
Cinematographer: Paulo Vainer
Editor: Umberto Martins
Music by: Arto Lindsay
Cast: Camila Pitanga, Rafael Raposo, Roberta Rodrigues, Flávio Bauraqui, Jonathan Haagensen

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