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El asesino entre nosotros
The Murderer among Us

Daniel Benavides

Chile, Thriller, 2007
83 min, DVCam, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

Regal Metropolitan 10
Saturday, April 19, 10 PM
Mature audiences

Boy eating meal

Valentina is a young student in the city of Valdivia who disappears during a party.  Her corpse is later found, prompting an investigation.  As the search for the culprit and the reconstruction of the events that led to her disappearance proceed, a hidden power appears and begins to interfere with the investigation.

Daniel Benavides is a graduate of the Escuela de Cine de Chile and the Escuela de Cine de Cuba.  He wrote a series of shorts concerned with sexuality including Tchicle ensayo 1 and Siempre estoy contento.  The latter was integrated to the feature length Historias del sexo (Sex Stories).  He developed his first feature length script while working at the university TV station in Valdivia, Chile.  El asesino entre nosotros is Benavides’ directorial debut.

Producers: Bruno Bettati, Daniel Benavides
Production Company: JIRAFA
Screenwriter: Daniel Benavides
Cinematographer: Manuel Barrera
Editor: Ilán Stehberg
Music by: Francisco Alarcón
Cast: Pilar Loyola, Esteban Arjel, Rodrigo González, Samuel González, Ignacio Mansilla, Valentina Pedreros

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