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Amo Beethoven | I Love Beethoven
Stefan Bohun
Austria, Documentary, 2007
33 min, MiniDV, Color           
Spanish with English subtitles           

Regal Metropolitan 11
Saturday, April 19, 4 PM
All audiences

Audience of children

Hearing is possible without ears.  Some people feel the sounds with their skin or with their hearts because their sense of hearing does not function.  In the Venezuelan city of Barquisimeto, deaf children learn not only how to play instruments, but also how to sing using sign language.  Most of the students come from poor surroundings and are educated to be musicians as part of a social project.  The children’s inability to hear voices is only one of the many handicaps they face while living at the margins of society.  However, at the music school they discover a world that is open to each one of them.                          

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