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Reinalda del Carmen, mi mamá y yo
Reinalda del Carmen, mi mamá y yo

Lorena Giachino Torrens

Chile, Documentary, 2006
85 mins, DVCam, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

Regal Metropolitan 11
Wednesday, April 16, 9 PM
All audiences

Women talking

A triangulated story about memory, friendship, motherhood and women, this film is a telling reflection on loss.  The director’s mother has lost her memory as she has aged.  In this documentary the filmmaker tries to recover and rebuild the story of the relationship between her mother, Jacqueline, and Jacqueline’s college friend who was “disappeared” by the Chilean dictatorship while pregnant.  By capturing visits to the past and testimonies from the present, the filmmaker tries to reconstruct past events and circumstances under which her mother’s friend vanished.

Lorena Giachino Torrens was born in Castro, Chile, in 1972.  A journalist by training, she moved into filmmaking while earning a graduate degree in documenatry scriptwriting at Madrid’s Complutense University.  She currently works as the executive producer of Chilenos Todos, a documentary series in the pre-production stage, which won the TV National Council Fund.  Renalda del Carmen is her first feature documentary.

Producer: Lorena Blas
Production Company: Errante Produciones
Screenwriter: Lorena Giachino Torrens
Cinematographer: Pablo Valdés
Editor: Guillermo Cifuentes
Music by: Camilo Salinas

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