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La Santa Muerte | Saint Death
Eva Aridjis

Mexico/US, Documentary, 2007           
84 min, HDV, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

Regal Metropolitan 11
Friday, April 18,7 PM
All audiences           

Man with Santa Muerte

To the band of followers growing around Mexico’s Santa Muerte (Saint Death), she is a beacon, a source of hope and reassurance.  Criminals, victims, gang members, transvestites, addicts, the poor and the sick alike look to her as a saint.  But to the Catholic Church, she is reviled, and considered a satanic figure.  Aridjis’ documentary examines this dichotomy, exploring the origins, complexities and significance of this unusual cult.

Eva Aridhjis was born in Holland, raised in Mexico City, and now lives in New York.  She studied Comparative Literature at Princeton University before earning an MFA in Film and TV at New York University (1996-2001).  While at NYU she made several short films, including Taxidermy: The Art of Imitating Life and Billy Twist, both of which played at the Sundance Film Festival and dozens of other festivals around the world. An activist for many of Mexico City's street children, in 2003 she made the film Niños de la calle (Children of the Street) to bring attention to the problem.  The documentary was nominated for two Arieles (Mexican Academy Awards), and won the Best Feature Documentary prize at the Morelia Film Festival in 2003.

Producer: Eva Aridjis           
Production Company: Dark Night Pictures           
Screenwriter: Eva Aridjis           
Cinematographers: Brian Hubbard, Tito Reynoso           
Editor: Sonia Arrubla                       
Music by: Steve Anderson
Cast: Gael García Bernal (Narrator)

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