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JC Chávez
Diego Luna

México, Documentary, 2007
77 min, BetaSP, Color
English and Spanish with English subtitles

Regal Metropolitan 11
Thursday, April 17, 7 PM

Regal Metropolitan 11
Sunday, April 20, 4 PM

All audiences


Actor Diego Luna (Y tu mamá también) gets behind the camera in this documentary about the life and career of Julio César Chávez.  The film not only documents the achievements of the boxing champion, but permits a glimpse into the human and social aspects of one of the most famous personalities in recent Mexican history.  Chávez is renowned in international boxing circles, with five world titles and an almost record-breaking 89 victories.  But, like Muhammad Ali in the United States, he is more than a boxer in his native Mexico.  He is considered a national hero and a symbol of rags-to-riches success.  The film combines interviews with boxers, promoters, journalists, and politicians, with an intimate portrait of Chávez’s daily life and his role as a father.  This film leaves space for personal conclusions – it is an exercise in attempting to understand the complex relationship between fame and politics.

Luna began his professional acting career on stage at the age of seven. By the age of twelve, he made his television debut in the soap opera El abuelo y yo, which led to further television roles.  He has also maintained an active career in theatre.  He is currently producing The Complete Works of William Shakespeare in Mexico for which he won the 2001-2002 “Best Comic Actor” award from the Association of Theatre Reviewers.  Luna is most widely known for his leading roles in feature films, including Y tu mamá también, Before Night Falls, and Un dulce olor a meute (second place winner at the Havana Film Festival).  Additionally, Luna has starred in a number of short films made by film students in Mexico City, including Javier Bourges’ Oscar-award-winning El último fin del año.

Director:  Diego Luna            
Producers: Pablo Cruz, Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal
Production Company: Canana
Screenwriter: Diego Luna
Editor: Mariana Rodríguez
Music by: Alejandro Castaños, Gigante de América, Molotov
Interviewees: Julio César Chávez, Julio César Chávez Jr, Mike Tyson, Bob Arum, Ana Guevara, Oscar de la Hoya, Fernando Beltrán, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Don King.  

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