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Hijos de la guerra | Children of the War
Alexandre Fuchs 
USA/El Salvador, Documentary, 2007           
81 min, Digital Video, Color           
Spanish and English with English subtitles

Regal Metropolitan 11
Saturday, April 19, 8 PM

Regal Metropolitan 14
Tuesday, April 22, 8 PM

Mature audiences

Kid with tattoos

Hijos de la Guerra tells the story of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), an international street gang founded by Salvadoran civil war refugees in California, which the US government singles out as the fastest growing and most violent gang in the country.  The film explores the individual motivations behind gang membership as well as the complex role of government policy in attempting to contain – and yet unintentionally encouraging – the spread of the gang.  The institution of stern and increasingly systematic U.S. deportation policies, along with forceful, armed repression of the members by the Salvadoran government, radicalized the group and established its hold in Central America.  Instead of reducing the gang's influence, these policies amplified its reach from the barrios of a single city to the cities of an entire continent.  This is the first feature-length documentary film to recount the history of the MS-13.           

Alexandre Fuchs is a fine arts photographer and independent filmmaker whose work looks at the impact of accelerating change on the human experience.  His photography has been widely published in print in publications such as the New York Times, Time Magazine, The Guardian, Liberation, Bild and The South China Morning Post.  Fuchs has also developed and produced a number of feature films, including Birth by Jonathan Glazer, Purple Butterfly by Lou Ye, The Sun by Aleksandr Sokurov and the upcoming Lady from Shanghai from Chinese director Wong Kar-wai.  Hijos de la guerra is his first feature film direction.

Producer: Alexandre Fuchs, Jonathan Bollier           
Production Company: Fly Films           
Screenwriter: Jeremy Fourteau           
Cinematographer: Samantha Belmont           
Editor: Taige Jensen           
Music by: Nathan Matthew David, Daniel Gonzaga

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