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Rio, zona norte |Rio, Northern Zone

Brazil, Drama, 1957             
90 min, 35mm, Black and White   
Portuguese with English subtitles       

Regal Metropolitan 10
Saturday, April 19, 8 PM
All audiences

Two Brazilian boys

Popular chanchada (musical comedy) star Grande Otelo plays Espírito da Luz, a samba composer who hopes to create a better life for himself through his music.  Espírito seeks fame and fortune to secure for himself a life away from the slums of northern Rio. Instead, he is exploited by a greedy, dishonest record label producer who appropriates artistic and financial control of the sambistas music and leaves him penniless.  Told through a series of flashbacks, Rio, zona norte is loosely based on the life of the great samba composer Zé Keti. - JCRR, Cine Las Americas

Producers: Mário Aldrá, Ciro Freire Cúri, Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Roberto Santos   
Production Companies: Nelson Pereira dos Santos Produções Cinematográficas
Screenwriter: Nelson Pereira dos Santos   
Cinematographer: Hélio Silva   
Editor: Rafael Justo Valverde
Music by: Alexandre Gnatalli, Zé Keti   
Cast: Grande Otelo, Jece Valadão, Paulo Goulart, Malu Maia, Maria Petar, Haroldo de Oliveira, Edson Vitoriano, Carlos Aquino, Artur Vargas Jr., Iracema Vitória, Zé Keti, Angela Maria

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