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Rio 40 graus | Rio 100 Degrees F.

Brazil, Drama, 1955         
100 min, 35mm, Black and White   
Portuguese with English subtitles   

Regal Metropolitan 10
Saturday, April 19, 2 PM
All audiences

Old man and boy in favela

Banned by Brazil’s Federal Department of Public Safety, Rio, 100 Degrees is a landmark film that ushered in the wave of Neorealist cinema in Brazil - Cinema Novo. The film chronicles a day in the life of five peanut vendors from the favelas (shanty towns) of Rio de Janeiro. This was one of the first Brazilian films to address the issues of race, poverty, and class. These themes would continue to be examined by dos Santos throughout his career. – JCRR, Cine Las Americas

'As important to Latin American cinema as [Jean-Luc Godard´s] Breathless is to European film.'
—Toronto International Film Festival
Producers: Mario Barros, Ciro Freire Cúri, Louis-Henri Guitton, Luiz Jardim, Pedro Kosinski, Nelson Pereira dos Santos
Production Company: Equipe Moacyr Fenelon       
Screenwriter: Nelson Pereira dos Santos   
Cinematographer: Hélio Silva
Editor: Rafael Justo Valverde   
Music by: Radamés Gnatalli, Alexandre Gnatalli, Cláudio Santor   
Cast: Modesto De Souza, Roberto Bataglin, Jece Valadão, Ana Beatriz, Glauce Rocha, Claudia Morena

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