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O amuleto de ogum | The Amulet of Ogum

Brazil, Drama, 1975                  
112 min, 35mm, Color   
Portuguese with English subtitles       

Regal Metropolitan 11
Sunday, April 20, 8 PM
All audiences

A man and woman with an amulet

A magical thriller that celebrates the rituals of Candomblé.  A young man, charmed at birth to be impervious to all physical injury, becomes a kingpin in the underworld of Rio’s slums.  The story is told troubadour-style by a blind street singer from Caxias, a violent Rio de Janeiro suburb.  - New Yorker Films   

Producer: Nelson Pereira dos Santos   
Production Companies: Embrafilme, Regina Filmes
Screenwriters: Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Francisco Santos   
Cinematographers: José Cavalcanti, Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Hélio Silva
Editor: Severino Dadá   
Music by: Jards Macalé   
Cast: Ney Santanna, Anecy Rocha, Jofre Soares, Maria Ribeiro, Emmanuel Cavalcanti, Jards Macalé, Erley José, Francisco Santos, José Marinho, Antônio Carlos de Souza Pereira, Ilya São Paulo

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