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La gran familia española / Family United A film by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo

Spain, Comedy/Romance/Family Drama, 2013102 min, Digital, ColorIn Spanish with English subtitles

Saturday, April 26th 10:00PM

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El limpiador / The Cleaner A film by Adrián Saba

Peru, Drama, 201295 min, RED, ColorIn Spanish with English subtitles

Thursday, April 24 - 7pm


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La despedida / The Goodbye A film by Alvaro Diaz Lorenzo

Spain/USA, Comedy/Romance/Adventure, 201384 min, HDV, ColorSpanish with English subtitles

Wednesday, April 23 - 9:30 PMAlamo Village 2Friday, April 25 - 13:30 PMAlamo Village 3

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Micha A film by Eugene Martin

USA, Coming of Age/Drama, 201375 min, RED, ColorEnglish

Sunday, April 27th  5:00PM

Marchesa Hall & Theatre


Waiting for Sandoval A film by David B. Carren

USA, Thriller/Fantasy, 201483 min, HD, Color/Black & WhiteEnglish, Spanish with English subtitles

Sunday, April 27th 2:00PM

Marchesa Hall & Theatre


  The REDress REdress Project

Tina Keeper

Canada, Social Activism/Artist Documentary, 201216 min, HD, ColorEnglish


In Manitoba, over the past 2 decades, 75 Aboriginal women have gone missing or have been murdered. This documentary contrasts the concepts implicit in the targeted violence towards Aboriginal women - that they are faceless/voiceless/lifeless - against the courage and tenacity of Aboriginal women who raise their voices against violence and systemic failings, as mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties and warriors. The film also profiles the art installation "The REDress Project," by Metis artist Jaime Black, which was an aesthetic response to the 600 missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada, with the aim of drawing attention to the gendered and racialized nature of violent crimes against Aboriginal women.


Regional Premierewww.buffalogalpictures.com 

Print Source: Tina Keeper, tina@kistikanpictures.com



  The Language of Love

Marie Clements

Canada, Testimonial Documentary, 201211 min, DVD, ColorEnglish


In this deeply moving and raw performance, artist and activist Stephen Lytton poetically recounts the 13 years he endured in one of Canada's residential schools. Through a life of challenges - including physical disability - Lytton's story embodies the strength and perseverance of residential school survivors.


Regional Premierewww.froggirlfilms.com 

Print Source: Michelle St. John - Frog Girl Films, michelle@froggirlfilms.com





  La noriaThe Waterwheel

Karla Castañeda

Mexico, Animation/Fantasy, 20127 min, 35mm, ColorNo dialogue


In a small town, time stops for a father who has lost his son.


US Premierewww.imcine.gob.mx/peliculas/4309 

Print Source: Ivan Gutierrez - IMCINE, difuinte@imcine.gob.mx





  La noche anuncia la auroraNight Announces Dawn

Gerard Uzcategui

Venezuela, Drama, 201223 min, 35mm, ColorNo dialogue


Over the delta of the Catatumbo river, in a structure build on stilts, a woman makes her home. Facing the death of her husband, she spends time on the water, navigating the streams of solitude. Reality intermingles with her thoughts, her dreams, her fears, her desires, her memory. Until one day, she decides to seek the unknown. She thus reveals, briefly, an intricate reality, submerging us in the inner world of that mysterious being.


US Premierewww.gerarduzcategui.com/aurora 

Print Source: Gerard Uzcategui, gwuc@yahoo.com





  Alma y Esperanza Alma & Esperanza

Itandehui Jansen

Mexico, Family Drama, 201217 min, HD, ColorSpanish, Mixtec with English subtitles


ALMA & ESPERANZA is the story of a girl and her grandmother who meet in a moment of grief. Alma is a ten-year old girl living in the US. Esperanza is her 75-year old grandmother living in an indigenous community in the Mexican mountains. They have never met, but with one devastating phone call, Alma will have to travel to her grandmother's village. The girl and her grandmother have no common language, yet they find closeness without words. The film garnered coveted spots in imagineNATIVE and the Cannes International Film Festival’s Short Film Corner in 2013.


Regional Premierewww.listacalistafilms.com 

Print Source: Armando Bautista Garcia, armando@listacalistafilms.com

Wednesday, April 23 - 9:30 pmat the Alamo Drafthouse Village 2Friday, April 25 - 12:30 pmat the Alamo Drafthouse Village 2

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  As Rosas Brancas The White Roses

Diogo Costa Amarante

USA/Portugal, Family Drama, 201320 min, HD, ColorSpanish, English with English subtitles


Siblings take flowers to a grave in the deep snow. Their father directs them. Their mother is dead--how will they fill the void she left behind? Each family member tries to find their way and must redefine their course. “There are times, when all the world's asleep, the questions run too deep for such a simple man, won't you please, please tell me what we've learned, I know it sounds absurd, but please tell me who I am” -Suptertramp. AS ROSAS BRANCAS has enjoyed success on the festival circuit, including screenings at Berlinale and IndieLisboa.


Texas Premierewww.diogocostaamarante.com 

Print Source: FiGa Films, contact@figafilms.com

Thursday, April 24 - 4:00 pmat the Alamo Drafthouse Village 3Saturday, April 26 - 11:30 amat the Alamo Drafthouse Village 3

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Rebecca Rodriguez

USA, Drama/Fantasy, 2012 13 min, HDCAM, Color English


Caught up in a moment of nostalgia, a young woman recalls her fondest relationships by uncorking her collection of antique bottles. She escapes into a joyful wall of sonic memories, but slowly becomes entrapped by their illusions. When night falls, circumstances beyond her control force her to face a new reality.


World Premiere

Print Source: Rebecca Rodriguez, bleak.umbrella@gmail.com




Sam Lerma

USA, Drama, 20128 min, HDV/HDCAM, ColorEnglish


A father takes his daughter on a bike ride through the heart of the city's green space to get to a birthday party.  The day does not end as expected.


Austin Premiere

Print Source: Sam Lerma, samuellerma@gmail.com