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Los insólitos peces gato / The Amazing Catfish A film by Claudia Sainte-Luce

Mexico, Comedy/Drama, 201389 min, Digital, ColorIn Spanish with English subtitles

Wednesday, April 23rd 7:00PM

Marchesa Hall & TheatreBuy Tickets

La gran familia española / Family United A film by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo

Spain, Comedy/Romance/Family Drama, 2013102 min, Digital, ColorIn Spanish with English subtitles

Saturday, April 26th 10:00PM

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El gran circo pobre de Timoteo / Timoteo's Fabulous Ragged Circus A film by Lorena Giachino

Chile/Argentina, Documentary, 201375 min, HDV, ColorSpanish with English subtitles

Saturday, April 26th 6:00PM

Mexican American Cultural Center

Free Screening

Salty Dog Blues A film by Al Santana, Denise Belén Santiago

USA, Civil Rights/Documentary, 201352 min, Mini DV/DVCam, ColorSpanish, English with English subtitles

Saturday 4/26/2014 at 1:30 pm

at St. Edwards University

Free Screening


Franco Lolli

Colombia/France, Drama, 201224 min, VHS/RED/35mm, ColorSpanish with English subtitles


Rodrigo hasn't worked in eight years. Soon, he'll be forty-seven.


North American Premierewww.lesfilmsduworso.com 

Print Source: Christophe Barral - Les Films du Worso, cbarral@worso.com




  Medio minutoHalf a Minute

David Norris

Puerto Rico, Drama/Romance, 201216 min, RED, ColorSpanish with English subtitles


Angel and Rafaela only have one battered and burned photo of their wedding after a fire consumed most of their belongings. Angel plans to give a wonderful gift to Rafaela for their wedding anniversary but, to achieve it, he will have to ask for help from Marcela, his former lover, and a close friend of Rafaela's. Rafaela finds out about Angel's encounter with Marcela and, before the old man can explain the reason for the visit, something terrible happens. Now Rafaela will have to learn the truth about the meeting between Angel and Marcela.


World Premiere

Print Source: David Norris, davidnorrispr@yahoo.com




  Don Sabás

Juan Manuel Zuñiga

Mexico, Drama, 201217 min, 35mm, ColorSpanish with English subtitles


Don Sabás is the story of a lonely old man waiting for his days to come to an end. Suddenly his boring routine changes when he is left to care for a young boy.


US Premierewww.facebook.com/donsabas.cortometraje 

Print Source: Boris Miramontes - CCC, boris@elccc.com.mx




  Una historia para los ModlinA Story for the Modlins

Sergio Oksman

Spain, Biographical/Found Object Documentary, 201226 min, HD, Color/Black & WhiteEnglish


After appearing in the film ROSEMARY'S BABY, by Roman Polanski, Elmer Modlin ran away with his wife Margaret and his son Nelson to a distant land. They shut themselves inside a dark apartment, where Margaret devoted herself to painting the coming Apocalypse, using Nelson and Elmer as models. Thirty years later, hundreds of the family's intimate photographs and documents appeared on the sidewalk like a jigsaw puzzle, waiting for someone to come along and piece together A STORY FOR THE MODLINS.


Texas Premierewww.astoryforthemodlins.com , www.madridencorto.es/2012/a-story-for-the-modlins 

Print Source: Madrid en Corto, mail@madridencorto.es





  Filme para Poeta CegoFilm for a Blind Poet

Gustavo Vinagre

Brazil/Cuba, Biographical Documentary, 201226 min, Digital, ColorPortuguese with English subtitles


Glauco Mattoso, a blind sadomasochistic poet, agrees to participate in a documentary about his own life, but the conditions he imposes raise difficulties for the inexperienced director.


North American Premierewww.pretaportefilmes.com.br/en 

Print Source: Juliana Vicente - Preta Portê Filmes, juliana@pretaportefilmes.com.br





David Moreno

Spain, Black Comedy, 201212 min, DCP, ColorSpanish with English subtitles


If you have no memory, a blank gaze, and you've forgotten how to talk... You're a zombie, right?


Regional Premierewww.madridencorto.es/2012/zombi 

Print Source: Madrid en Corto, mail@madridencorto.es





  La noriaThe Waterwheel

Karla Castañeda

Mexico, Animation/Fantasy, 20127 min, 35mm, ColorNo dialogue


In a small town, time stops for a father who has lost his son.


US Premierewww.imcine.gob.mx/peliculas/4309 

Print Source: Ivan Gutierrez - IMCINE, difuinte@imcine.gob.mx





  Alma y Esperanza Alma & Esperanza

Itandehui Jansen

Mexico, Family Drama, 201217 min, HD, ColorSpanish, Mixtec with English subtitles


ALMA & ESPERANZA is the story of a girl and her grandmother who meet in a moment of grief. Alma is a ten-year old girl living in the US. Esperanza is her 75-year old grandmother living in an indigenous community in the Mexican mountains. They have never met, but with one devastating phone call, Alma will have to travel to her grandmother's village. The girl and her grandmother have no common language, yet they find closeness without words. The film garnered coveted spots in imagineNATIVE and the Cannes International Film Festival’s Short Film Corner in 2013.


Regional Premierewww.listacalistafilms.com 

Print Source: Armando Bautista Garcia, armando@listacalistafilms.com

Wednesday, April 23 - 9:30 pmat the Alamo Drafthouse Village 2Friday, April 25 - 12:30 pmat the Alamo Drafthouse Village 2

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  Padre Father

Santiago 'Bou' Grasso

Argentina/France, Animation/Historical/Drama, 201312 min, Digital, ColorSpanish with English subtitles


Day by day, a woman nurses her bedridden military father. The dictatorship in Argentina may be over, but not for this army daughter, who is lost to the world. PADRE has won numerous awards, was nominated for Best Argentine Short in 2013 at the Cóndor de Plata Awards, and has been selected to screen at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival.


Regional Premierewww.opusbou.com.ar 

Print Source: Santiago 'Bou' Grasso, info@opusbou.com.ar

Wednesday, April 23rd 4:00PMAlamo Drafthouse Village 3Saturday, April 26th 1:30PMAlamo Drafthouse Village 3

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  Piove, il film di Pio Pio's Movie

Thiago B. Mendonça

Brazil, Experimental/Biographical Documentary, 201215 min, HD, ColorPortuguese with English subtitles


PIOVE is not a portrait of the forgotten filmaker Pio Zamuner. It is the establishment of a relationship between two generations of directors. But who directs whom? The film has reached audiences internationally, and has received an Honorable Mention for Best Documentary at CINESUL 2013.


North American Premierewww.memoriavivacine.com.br 

Print Source: Memória Viva, memoriavivacine@gmail.com

Saturday, April 26th 6:00PM

Mexican American Cultural Center

Free Screening